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metal siding chicago

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The primary benefits of steel siding is its durability. While it can sometimes be dented with great effort, it is otherwise almost indestructible. While vinyl siding can often be damaged by hail and wood siding can have problems with insects, steel siding has neither of these problems. It is also water proof and fire resistant. Maintenance is also relatively simple with steel siding. It doesn’t rust, chip, rot or flake. Generally it only requires an occasional washing with a hose.

Steel siding is available in a broad range of colors, styles, and textures. Seamless steel siding was a significant innovation in the siding market that enabled steel to more directly compete with your other choices. Seamless steel siding is designed and contoured to the exact dimensions of each individual home. Seamless steel siding is measured, cut, and shaped on the actual construction site, and then literally wrapped around a home.

Most Common Commercial Metal Siding Brands: McElory & Berridge.


metal siding chicagoSince 1963, these three traits have been the cornerstone of McElroy Metal’s business philosophy and success: Quality. Service. Performance. McElroy Metal, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, metal siding, and substructural components. McElroy’s product line includes a wide variety of architectural standing seam roofing systems as well as many industrial and commercial wall and roof panels.


Berridge has the industry’s widest selection of factory-produced standing seam, batten seam, Bermuda, simulated tile, shingle, siding, fascia, soffit and other products.