James Hardie Siding Installation

james hardie siding installation chicago
Because it is so durable and is backed by such extensive warranties, James Hardie is extremely discerning about what kind of installers they certify. Installing James Hardie siding must be completed to extremely high quality standards so as to ensure that the warranty is effective.

Siding Group is one of Chicago land’s few James Hardie preferred remodelers. We are also the only James Hardie preferred remodeler in Chicago to have significant experience in multifamily siding projects. Additionally each and every Siding Group installer is constantly audited by James Hardie to ensure that all our installations are meeting James Hardie’s extremely high quality standards.

Standard Installation Methods

Residential/ Single Family

For single family homes, Siding Group generally assigns one crew to the process. That crew works 5-6 days a week until the project is complete. If required, they remove any existing siding, ensure that the structural beams and installation under the siding are intact and will last for another 30 to 50 years. After repairing any structural defects and ensuring that the home is properly insulated, the new siding is installed. Flashing, fascia, and all other detail work is completed around the same time that any gutter, window, or roof work is also completed.

Commercial/ Multifamily

Larger multifamily siding projects are completed in stages. Because we are a medium-sized company, we can bring multiple crews, often 15-20 people to work on a project at any given time. This allows us to complete larger projects on whatever time line is appropriate for the client.

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