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artisan siding chicago

Chicago’s Artisan® Siding Pros

Introducing Artisan® Exterior Design. This new architectural grade line from James Hardie features Artisan® Lap and Artisan™ Accent Trim products. Backed by 15 years of research and development, Artisan siding delivers for your Chicago home. James Hardie’s patented technology provides a product with superior structural integrity and gives discriminating home owners the opportunity to express themselves through the highest standards in design.

Artisan Accent Trim and Artisan Lap Corner Detail Options serve as the perfect complements by delivering superb finish to every luxury home.

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Artisan siding chicago

Artisan® Lap:

Artisan® Lap from James Hardie is at the forefront of design innovation and sets your home apart from all others in your neighborhood. This luxury, high-end exterior building product turns any house into a dream home. Artisan Lap provides stunning visual impact and curb appeal, far surpassing anything else on the market.

Breaking free from the flat lines of typical modern homes, the multi-dimensional lines of Artisan Lap cast stunning, deep shadow lines across any home’s exterior design. This dramatic style and sophistication blend with the structural integrity you can expect from James Hardie.

Artisan Lap’s superior design is at the forefront of innovation, and is backed by over 15 years of research and development. Boasting absolute precision in its symmetry, Artisan Lap is significantly lighter than traditional building materials, yet has unrivaled strength and durability and requires minimal maintenance.

For additional peace of mind, Artisan Lap provides long-lasting beauty due to its unsurpassed protection against outdoor elements. Manufactured with a unique tongue and groove assembly for superior dimensional stability, Artisan Lap resists shrinking, swelling and cracking as well as mold and mildew, termites, harsh weather and is non-combustible.

Artisan siding chicago

Artisan Accent Trim:

Artisan Accent Trim is the perfect accent to James Hardie’s architectural grade Artisan® Lap. With an impressive thickness of 1.5″, Artisan Accent Trim beautifully casts deep, defined shadow lines.

Made of the highest quality material available, it is resistant to damage from fire, water, insects and harsh weather, and is low maintenance for long lasting beauty. Artisan Accent Trim provides the finishing touch of style and sophistication to any home.

Superior Advantages of Artisan® Lap:

  • Distinctively deep shadow lines for premium aesthetics
  • Patented DuraTech™ technology provides a product with superior structural integrity
  • Artisan® Lap boards are beveled on the back to lie flat against the wall ensuring stability
  • Unique tongue and groove feature feature allows end joints to fit tightly together for precise fit and finish
  • Low maintenance for lasting beauty
artisan siding
  • Available in smooth and texture surface* and arrives ready to paint
  • Available in ColorPlus®
  • 5/8“ Thick
  • Resistant to damage from fire, water, insects and harsh weather
  • The Artisan® Lap Siding is warranted for 30 years against defects in material and workmanship.
    The Artisan Accent Trim is backed by a limited 15- year warranty, instilling greater confidence in a quality product
  • Durable, non-combustible and the need for less paint all contribute to Aritsan’s role in building green
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Q. What is the difference between Artisan Lap and other fiber cement wall cladding?

A. Artisan Lap uses the patented DuraTech™ technology which provides a product with superior structural integrity. It is 5/8″ thick, yet light enough for a single person to handle. This thickness allows Artisan Lap to show off distinctively deep shadow lines for premium aesthetics. The product is available in both smooth and texture surfaces. Each lap board back is beveled to lie flat against the wall ensuring stability and smooth lines. Artisan Lap’s unique tongue and groove ends, allow end joints to fit tightly together for precise fit and finish. Finally, Artisan Lap is low maintenance for lasting beauty.

Q. What is DuraTech technology?

A. DuraTech technology is a patented technology, which was developed by the James Hardie Corporation R&D over the past 15 years. It is the combination of ingredients that allows Artisan Lap to be thicker, yet light enough for a single person to handle. DuraTech technology also provides a product that has superior structural integrity and unique improvements such as beveled backs, tongue and groove, nailability, and resistance to shrinking, swelling and cracking.

Artisan siding chicago

Q. What are the benefits of Tongue and groove?

A. Tongue and groove refers to the slotted butt ends that allow each Artisan lap board to fit tightly together for precise fit and finish. The ability to joint off stud is a nice benefit of the Tongue and groove. Also, no caulking is required.

Q. Does Artisan Lap and Artisan Accent Trim have a Warranty?

A. Yes, the Artisan Limited Warranty guarantees the retail purchaser that Artisan Lap will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 30 years; and the Artisan Accent Trim free from defects in material and workmanship for 10 years from the date of purchase. The Artisan Lap warranty provides for full replacement of the product only. The Accent Trim warranty is prorated based on the price providing for full replacement of the product only. Both Artisan Lap and Artisan Accent Trim must be installed according to the Artisan Lap and Artisan Accent Trim Installation Requirements and all building codes adopted by federal, state or local governments or government agencies and applicable to the installation. Also, the replacement of both products is limited to the material affected only, and not for the cost of the labor or accessory materials.

Q. How does the Artisan Warranty compare with other wall cladding warranties?

A. The Artisan Lap Limited Warranty does not depreciate over its 30 year life. This means the home owner will get full replacement of affected product any time during the warranty period, unlike other cladding warranties that diminish in value over time. This does not include labor or ancillary installation costs.

Artisan siding chicago
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